The school year consists of a minimum of 30 days of instruction and begins after Labor Day each year and ends in May of the following calendar year. The school celebrates all major federal and religious holidays.

The school day begins promptly at 9:00am and ends at 12:00pm for Svitlychka, and 1:00pm all other classes. A short break for lunch is included.

Students report directly to their individual classrooms. At the conclusion of the school day, parents of younger grade children should pick up their children outside of the classroom. Older children will meet their parents in the Cafeteria promptly atfter 1:00pm.  Once students have been released at 1:00pm, they are the responsibility of their parents.

All students, teachers, administrators, monitors, parents and guests are encouraged to only speak Ukrainian during the school day.

Parents and students are responsible for arriving to school on time and must be prepared for class, with all necessary books, notebooks, and stationery.

Students who arrive late or are absent from school must make up missed work, especially written assignments and tests.

Students are expected to act appropriately while in school, with respect to themselves as well as to other students, teachers, administrators, parents and the school facility.

Students will not touch things in the classrooms, hallways and restrooms that do not belong to them and will not deface or vandalize anything. Students caught defacing or vandalizing things will be reprimanded and they and their parents will be financially liable for any damages. Repeated offenses will be grounds for expulsion from the school.

Students will not bring any objects or devices that are not considered essential to their learning experience e.g. toys, balls, mobile phones, digital music players, cameras, etc. to calss. Teachers have the right to confiscate any item from a student that is considered disruptive to the class.

Students should not run in the hallways or cafeteria and should not play with any toys or other objects in these areas.

Students will only eat in the cafeteria. Eating in classrooms is prohibited.

Students are prohibited from entering the stage area without permission.

Students will only leave classrooms or the building under supervision of teachers or parents. Teachers, administrators or hallway monitors must supervise restroom breaks.