Parents responcibility


  1. Parents understand that Ukrainian school is self-organized by parents for children and thus parents shall make every effort to volunteer and support school organization, planning, and activities through committees, attending and voting at parent meetings and actively participating in the Parents’ Committee (Batkivsky Komitet).
  2. Parents must treat Ukrainian School and its obligations with the same respect as their children’s weekday school.  This includes, but is not limited to, not touching things in hallways, classrooms and restrooms that do not belong to them, and not defacing or vandalizing anything.  Anyone engaging in such behaviors will be financially liable for any damages.  This behavior will be grounds for exclusion from the school facility.
  3. Parents must bring their children to school on time. When students arrive late, parents accompany them to their classrooms.
  4. Parents must inform teachers as soon as feasible when their children will be absent from school, arriving late or leaving early.
  5. Parents may excuse their children early from the school day only with teacher permission. All subjects are considered part of the school day.
  6. Parents must ensure that their children’s homework is completed each week, check their children’s homework, and make it possible for their children to do their work.
  7. Parents are required to complete at least three (3) hall monitoring duties (vital for school operations). Parents who cannot perform their assignments are responsible for finding their own substitutes. Families can sign up for duties using the Sign-Up Genius link in school newsletter.
  8. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer for lunch/pizza and coffee/doughnuts. Families can sign up for duties using the Sign-Up Genius link in school newsletter.
  9. Ukrainian speaking parents must every effort to speak Ukrainian on school premises, and especially to children.
  10. Parents are expected to assist in preparation of special assemblies, Christmas caroling, and in other school activities.
  11. Parents must set a good example for their children during school assemblies and listen to all performances quietly and respectfully and refrain from socializing during performances. Individuals who choose not to follow these guidelines may be asked to leave the auditorium.
  12. Parents understand that the school does not have the resources to evaluate and accommodate children with special needs. Parents agree to assist and support teachers however necessary, including attending classes with their children with special needs, if requested by the teacher or administrators.